Breast Cancer

Are you reeling from a recent diagnosis of breast cancer or other serious medical condition? Having trouble focusing on your "pre-cancer or pre-diagnosis" life? Are you feeling frightened and overwhelmed?

Dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer, or other serious medical condition, can be an emotional and frightening experience. Constance has many years experience in women’s issues and has particular personal and professional experience with clients dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer and pre-vivors from the FORCE community. 

Are you completely overwhelmed by all of the decisions and procedures you must face?: 

  • Repeated screenings (ultrasounds, mammograms, MRIs, biopsies), choosing a breast surgeon, getting a second opinion, choosing a plastic surgeon, choosing a radiologist, choosing an oncologist, surgery options (lumpectomy, unilateral or bilateral mastectomy)
  • Reconstruction options (none, immediate, delayed, implants, tissue flap (TRAM, DIEP, SIEA, GAP, nipple reconstruction)
  • Insurance issues

We can help you calmly navigate through these issues by helping you assess your options, identify appropriate educational resources and resources for helping you understand all of the complex medical information, and bolster your coping skills. Chances are that you are feeling some of these emotions: shock, denial, anger, depression, hopelessness, isolation and/or loss of control. We can help you identify, examine and cope with these feelings. Breast cancer can affect every aspect of your life -- your physical health, mental health, your job, and relationships with your partner, friends and family. Through talk therapy, empathic support, behavioral and stress reduction interventions (relaxation exercises and individualized visualizations), We will help you regain control of your life and feel a renewed sense of energy and hope.