Parenting Challenges

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed by the prospect of parenting your twins/triplets? Are you having problems feeling connected to your baby? Are you reeling from the crisis of an early delivery and NICU admission? Was your baby born with an unexpected birth anomaly? Are your toddler's tantrums driving you crazy? Is your child being bullied? Are you having a difficult time understand your teen? Do you need help parenting in a  blended family?

We have extensive expertise in helping clients cope with parenting challenges, such as:

  • Twins, triplets and higher order multiples
  • Premature deliveries
  • Birth anomalies
  • Postpartum adjustment
  • Pregnancy loss (see Grief and Loss tab)
  • Postpartum depression (see Mood Disorders tab)
  • Parent-infant attachment.
  • Toddler toileting and tantrums
  • Sleep issues
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Bullying
  • Understanding your teen
  • Parenting in a blended family
  • Control battles