Life Transitions

Are you recently divorced and having trouble redefining your self? Are you stressed on the job or wishing you could switch careers? Have you just retired and are feeling lost and no longer relevant? Are you overwhelmed at school, having trouble organizing and focusing? Are you suddenly an “empty-nester?” Are you going through a “mid-life crisis?”

Life transitions necessarily mean the end of one part of our life and the beginning of a new part. Change is never easy and as humans, we naturally resist change in our lives. Major changes can often lead to intense fears, anxiety, depression, feelings of loss and grief, feelings of being overwhelmed and self-doubt. 

We can help you navigate through this difficult time and help you keep from getting “stuck” during this transition period. Specifically we can:

  • Guide you in self-reflection
  • Help you redefine yourself and identify new goals
  • Acknowledge and validate your sense of loss
  • Help you identify, name and normalize your feelings
  • Help you build and utilize support networks
  • Help you identify and utilize external resources 
  • (e.g., support groups, attorneys, volunteer organizations)
  • Help you reestablish feelings of control
  • Facilitate a reduction in your stress
  • Help create hope and joy in your life again

Let us help you make a successful transition into a new, rewarding chapter of your life.