Grief and Loss

Does your heart ache from the emptiness and the silence after a pregnancy loss? Do you feel that you will never again experience joy? Do you feel that there is nobody else who understands your pain?

The loss of a child, parent, sibling, significant other, friend, at any age, is a major life crisis. You may feel that you have lost your past, your present and/or your future. Your friends and family may avoid you because they do not know what to say to you. They may need to be taught how to be supportive to you. You may feel that you will never experience joy again and you may feel guilty even thinking about joy. We can help you navigate this emotional path and help you find comfort and hope once again. You are not alone. 

Although grief is a very individual journey, we can assist you as a companion and a guide. Specifically, we can:

  • Bear witness to your pain
  • Provide a roadmap for your grief
  • Acknowledge and validate your loss, particularly those losses frequently disenfranchised by society (sibling loss, miscarriage, suicide)
  • Help reduce your feelings of isolation
  • Help you identify, name and normalize your feelings
  • Provide a safe, supportive environment where you can talk about your loss until you wear out the pain and where you can speak your “unspeakable” feelings
  • Help you identify and connect with other grief resources, e.g., support groups, books
  • Help create hope and joy in your life again
  • Help you create rituals for healing