Brain-Based Therapy

Brain-based therapy is particularly helpful for trauma-related issues, as it can often avoid the need for the client to have to talk about the trauma story itself. It can also be useful for treating anxiety, depression, attachment issues, and PTSD. Brain-based therapy incorporates knowledge from neuroscience research, and combines this knowledge with well-known aspects of attachment theory to help clients rewire their brains so as to improve their moods and effectively change their behaviors. 

The brain-based perspective recognizes that the brain has ‘plasticity’ (often termed as “neuroplasticity’). Neuroplasticity refers to the amazing ability of our brains to change in response to the environment. When we learn new information and master new skills, we are adapting and changing our brains.

At CCP, we utilize several types of brain-based therapies, including clinical hypnosis, HMR, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. Please see the separate pages for each of these modalities, or click on the words above to be taken directly to these pages.